Trekking Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Trekking & Hiking

We agree it's good to feel rugged when Trekking. Trail mix. Stubble. Maybe not stubble if you are female. Views to make your soul forget the desk job at home. If it were 1920, you'd probably have a pipe in your mouth and a beard long before they were cool on Instagram.

Make sure you're covered

Trekking or Hiking is an option on our policies so you have to add it when you buy a policy. There are different levels of risk which you need to be aware of so make sure you choose the right level of cover when you buy.

What's covered

When you buy your policy, you need to choose the right level of activities cover to ensure your travel insurance policy meets your needs. When you see the activities option, just type in 'Hiking' and choose how high you're planning to go.

  • Hiking up to 2,000 metres in elevation: (Level 1)
  • Hiking up to 6,000 metres in elevation: (Level 3)

You'll then be covered for:

  • Overseas medical costs
  • Emergency Medical Transport & Repatriation
  • Theft or damage to baggage

What’s not covered

  • Hiking over 6,000 metres

Sorry, but over 6,000m we can't help you, the risks are too high. Please see Section 8.2 of the PDS

Check out our hiking safety tips by Phil Sylvester, World Nomads Travel Insight's editor for a list of things to pack, what to do if you get lost and other emergency information.