Scuba Diving Travel Insurance

Am I Covered When Scuba Diving?

We all want those epic underwater shots to remember a good dive trip. Spirals of sea life circling you like living fan. Bikini clad, an all over tan with complementary coloured flippers. Swim throughs of rusted hulks from WW2, or videoing your underwater wedding. Maybe even wrestling a giant octopus.

The next question most people don’t ask is "Does my travel insurance cover me for scuba diving?" Read on.

The following Scuba Diving activities are covered by different level options when you buy your policy:

  • Scuba diving (qualified to 30 metres): Level 1
  • Scuba diving (unqualified/discover diving tour with qualified instructor): Level 1
  • Scuba diving (qualified to 40 metres): Level 2

Make sure you add the correct level of scuba activity to ensure your travel insurance policy meets your needs.

Scuba Diving: What's covered.

Your basic travel insurance policy covers the following scuba activities: (see Section 8.2 of the PDS: List of adventure sports, activities & experiences )

  • Scuba diving (qualified to 30 metres)# (1#)
  • Scuba diving (unqualified/discover diving tour with qualified instructor)* (1*)

If you fall into additional specified areas of coverage, then you will be entitled to:

  • Overseas medical costs
  • Emergency medical Transport & repatriation
  • Theft or damage to baggage & personal items
  • etc. For full details, again, please refer to your Travel Insurance Product Disclosure Agreement.

Scuba Diving: Whats not covered.

Its important to the Policy wording (PDS) so you understand how it relates to Scuba Diving.

Section 8.2 of the PDS: List of adventure sports, activities & experiences details the following Scuba Diving activities NOT covered by your travel insurance:

  • Scuba diving - commercial (X)
  • Scuba diving (over 40 metres) (X)

Scuba Diving in other countries

Last, but certainly not least, check out our Scuba Diving Essentials article written by Chris Mitchell:

  • Dive with a reputable diving school (Make sure the instructor has a dive watch)
  • Listen to your instructor or dive guide (Hopefully he can speak your language)
  • Double check all your scuba gear (Don't go to the gunfight with a knife)
  • Make sure you do your buddy check (It's all about trust!)
  • Have scuba diving and travel insurance (Buy World Nomads Scuba Insurance)

Oh, and don't forget to read our great travel safety article on Essential Scuba Safety.

Have a great dive trip!